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Tree Planting with Ecologi

Tree Planting with Ecologi

As with some of our other businesses, we felt it was vital for us to include an environmental program that we could contribute to, as a way to offset the environmental impact of our operations. Photography tours always involve some form of transportation. Be it most frequently via vehicle whilst on tour, however often also involving air travel which is a significant contributor to CO2 emissions.

The natural starting point for this objective was to donate to a tree-planting NGO.
As part of our Environmental Policy and commitment, RAW Marvels has pledged to plant two trees on behalf of every guest for each day of our tours.

Introducing Ecologi

After researching possible tree-planting partners for our other businesses, we elected to work Ecologi as our tree-planting partner.

Ecologi was established by a group of environmentalists in the UK in order to contribute more to the deepening global climate crisis.

Ecologi operates as an intermediary between businesses, and climate change and environmental NGO’s. Ecologi offers businesses and individuals the opportunity to contribute towards reforestation and carbon offsetting projects, as well as supporting global environmental, water and food security, and quality of living projects, that are directly linked to carbon emissions and deforestation.

Ecologi has worked with global corporations such as the BBC, Hasbro, Vodafone and Lloyds Bank, just to name a few.

As a B Certified Corporation, Ecologi provides businesses with the opportunity to operate with a net-zero workforce, enabling businesses to offset their workforce equivalent carbon emissions generated through daily operations and travel.

Ecologi partners with some of the largest climate action NGOs such as Eden Reforestation Projects, Trees for the Future and One Tree Planted.

Ecologi operates with complete transparency, listing financials and evidence of carbon avoidance and reforestation contributions directly on their website. They are also listed on the websites of the funds they directly contribute to such as Eden Reforestation Projects.

How do I know that a tree is being planted for each tour?

Transparency was the primary objective in selecting a tree-planting partner for RAW Marvels.

At any time you can visit our virtual forest and the projects that we are helping to support by visiting our page on Ecologi here.
Trees with be planted the week before the commencement of each tour.

We will keep our clients updated with our progress on Ecologi as our forest grows.

Future Environmental Plans?

We have a number of exciting objectives on the horizon. Once RAW Marvels becomes established we aim to attain the following:

  1. Further offset our emissions by contributing to CarbonNeutral;
  2. Attain Net-Zero status through our contributions to CarbonNeutral and Ecologi;
  3. Attain certification with 1% Percent for the Planet as a verified stamp of our commitment to our planet and its preservation;
  4. To re-evaluate our Environmental Policy and goals on a minimum of an annual basis to ensure that we are operating to meet our environmental objectives and the environmental interests of our stakeholders.
  5. To minimise the use of single-use plastics and cups whilst on tour by gifting each tour guest with a stainless steel water bottle and stainless steel vacuum coffee cup.
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